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Looking for Peshtemal towels wholesale?


We are Peshtemal towel manufacturer, supplier and exporter. We supply Peshtemal towels to retailers, resellers and businesses. Also, we are able to ship the towels to Australia, Canada, USA, UK, NZ, Singapore, Spain, Ireland and Greece.

We have a grand collection of Peshtemal towels. Available in wholesale and wide range of colors and designs. We accept custom orders. Also, we take good care of branding, packaging and product shipping.

Kindly browse our complete collection of Peshtemal towels.


We can manufacture Peshtemal towels in custom designs as well as designs that are available in our collection. We have handwoven Peshtemal towels that are made from 100% natural cotton fibers.


Qualities of Peshtemal towels:


 Easy to carry,

Highly absorbent,

Get dry quickly,


Easy to pack, Doesn’t occupy much space,


Perfect to use as beach towels, throws, beach blankets, picnic blankets and table runners,

Ideal to wear as shawl, sarong and wrap,

Perfect to use at gym, sports facility, swimming pool, spa, beach, kitchen and bathroom.


We accept customized orders and are capable of manufacturing custom designs. We can provide you with Peshtemal towels in desired design and bulk. Also, we specialize in product branding, packaging, labelling and shipping. Furthermore, we can ship the towels to your specified address.


Thus, you can rely on us for production and on-time product delivery.


Want to get price quote? Kindly share your requirement details with us by filling out contact form or comment (kindly scroll down), we will get back promptly with all the details.


For custom designs, kindly comment or send the details by filling out the contact form.