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Tie Dye Pareo Beach Sarong Wrap Swimwear Beachwear

Material:- 100% Cotton, Or other material
Size:- 100X180 cm, or any custom size as per order
Color & Designs:- Any designs and colors on order
Designs:- Huge collection of designs, or Customized Design as per order
Logo/ Label:- Logo or label can be printed or stitched,etc as per demand

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Tie Dye Pareo Beach Sarong

Fouta Turkish Towels Tie Dye Pareo Beach Sarong Bath Towels Whole Range of Tie Dye Products for tie dye and beach lovers.

Tie Dye is an art of playing with colors and tie dye looks beautiful in everything whether it be dress, beach towel or home textile.

These fouta turkish towels are heavier towel as compared to tie dye pareos, which can be used as bath beach towel or a wrap also any creative use that you can think of.

Instead of colorful stripes, we make white fouta turkish towels and then dye them into colorful colors.

  • 100% Cotton Natural Fabric
  • Durable
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight as compared to the heavier terry towel this are very lightweight and travel friendly
  • Custom Colors & Designs
  • Customised Branding

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Did not find what you were looking for? Or want to make your custom design or have any other query, kindly contact us. We will surely help you out.