Towel Lined Turkish Towel Beach Towel Fabric

Material:- 100% Cotton
Size:- 90X180 cms or as per order
Color:- Many colors, custom colors on order
Designs:- Many Designs available and also custom design as per order
Uses:- Multipurpose; Bath Towel,Gym,Sauna towel,Massage Cover-up,Beach wrap,Beach towel,Beach Blanket,each Throws,Picnic Blanket ,Sarong.

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Towel Lined Turkish Towel

Towel Lined Turkish Towel are great for those who want turkish towels but can’t let go of terry bath towel.

The designs and patterns are of fouta but the weaving is different.

It has plain weave at frontside similar to fouta and cotton loops at backside similar to terry bath towels.

Want a terry towel but bored with the solid colors? Or Love turkish towel but can’t forget the fluffy terry towel?  Its time to switch to these towels.

  • 100% Cotton,
  • Natural and absorbent
  • Soft To Touch
  • Quick Drying

Terry-lined Turkish cotton towel is perfect for bathroom, resorts , spa and also gyms.

For more range in our turkish towels & fouta you can click here.


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