Hippie Style Messenger Handmade Embroidered Drawstring Sling Clutch Purse Tote Hobo Boho Bags

Material:- Cotton
Size:- One Size
Color:- Assorted Colors / Any custom color on order
Designs:- Mixed Designs, Customised designs on order
Logo/ Label:- Logo or label can be stitched

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Sling Clutch Purse

Sling Clutch Purse, Hippie Cotton bags, messenger bags, ladies designer bags, waist packs, coin purses, Mexican baja bags, patchwork bags, banjara bags and also any customized pattern of bags in different materials. Wholesale at great prices!

These bags are made up of patchwork embroidered fabric which makes every bag unique.

  • Handwork – the embroidery patches and also the manufacturing process all are handprocess
  • Small Size- These bags are perfect for outings or parties, just carry your essentials and cash.
  • Zipper Closure for added safety
  • Comfortable
  • Classical but Stylish
  • Custom Designs on order
  • Custom Branding

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Did not find what you were looking for? Or want to develop your own custom designs? Or have any other query, kindly contact us. We will surely help you out.


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