Handloom wholesale paisley cotton viscose pashmina scarf & shawl

Material:-Rayon, Cotton, Silk, linen, Wool, Pashmina, Acrylic, etc.
Size:-Any custom size as per order.
Color:-Any colors combination as per buyer’s choice.
Quality:-Many quality sets, from standard to premium, quality as per buyer’s choice.
Logo/ Label:-Logo or label can be printed or stitched, etc as per demand.

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Hand loom made unique and beautiful scarves, shawls, stole and head scarfs. Each pieces is beautiful and feature unique designs, we can have any customization in them.

Huge collection of jacquard scarves, party shawls, casual shawls, winter shawls, plaid scarves, summer scarfs, keffiyeh, arafat scarf, square scarves, bandana, etc.


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