100% Cotton Fouta Towels Turkish Towel Pareo

Material:- 100% Cotton
Size:- 100X180 cm, 100X200cm or as per order
Color:- Many colors, custom colors on order
Quality:- Many Quality Sets available or also Custom Quality as per requirement
Designs:- Many Designs available and also custom design as per order
Uses:- Multipurpose; Bath Towel,Gym,Sauna towel,Massage Cover-up,Beach wrap,Beach towel,Beach Blanket,each Throws,Picnic Blanket ,Sarong.

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Cotton Fouta Towels

Classical Fouta designs are the most popular and most traditional design in Cotton Fouta Towels.

Turkish Bath Towels is a traditional Turkish Hammam bath towel which is in use from centuries.

Fouta is a piece of cotton fabric which was popular in Mediterranean region, mostly Tunisia, it is in use from century especially as a public bath wrap, loincloth. Well they are comfortable and multipurpose to justify their use from so long.

In different part of world they are called by different names : turkish towel, hammam bath towel, peshtemal, tunisian fouta while it is same, 100% Cotton woven cloth with fringes.

  • Dries up quickly – forget the long hours wait to get your towels dry
  • Absorbent – the more you wash the more softer and absorbent this towel gets
  • Light weight – takes up a little space in your luggage
  • Hygienic – it does not stay moist too long for which is great to avoid bacterias
  • Natural – made up of 100% natural cotton fibers
  • Unisex
  • Multipurpose

It’s great for bathrooms, pools, spa’s, beach, gym, kitchen also as home decor.

It has multipurpose use. Use it as a towel, a beach throw, pareo, shawl, table cover or also as a wrap.

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