Peshtemal, Hammam, Turkish Towel, Fouta.. what is the difference? 

Explaining the difference

Some say it peshtemal, some hammam towel, some fouta and the rest Turkish towels. They all look so same? What’s the difference?🤔Any one of us who happen to know about this cotton bath towel aka Turkish towels, fouta had the same question at some stage. What is the difference between them?

Let’s explore each of them.

Hammam :- It is actually public bath 🛀 as similar to Romans bath. Hammam bath was popular in Turkey in ancient times and one can still find them in Turkey and Morocco.

Since the cloth was used to dry and cover up at the time of hammam bath, the towels is called hammam towels.

Peshtemal:- The word was popular from turkey, for the towels that was used in bath.

Turkish Towels:- In recent days, people started going back to nature 🙂 more natural, natural fabrics. And then these towels became popular as towels and of turkey origin. So people also started saying it Turkish towels.

Fouta:- Fouta are similar towels as Turkish towels used in medieval times in Mediterranean region, so its the popular name over Europe for these towels.

Hence, putting it together just say what you want. You can use these words interchangeably. Just the person you are speaking to should understand.

Why purchase from us from India?

In India, diversity is a gift. Cotton is one of the major crop here. Cotton of many many different varieties are available and we grow many of the best quality of cotton in the world.

We trace back our family history in weaving, so we know the basics of fabrics that many traders and wholesalers are not able to know. We had made fouta and kikoy from initial level when the market of these towels had just started to rise.

Due to long experience, and basic manufacturing roots, we make the best towels in competitive pricing that cannot be found even from Turkey or Tunisia.

We even go further and provide option of washing if customer wants, so that all towels are pre -washed for soft finish out of the box.

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