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Jute Baskets and Bags


Jute is basically a kind of fiber. The process of making the baskets and bags starts with manufacturing industries making jute yarn. Then, the manufacturing industries make jute baskets and bags in several designs using the jute yarn. Subsequently, the manufacturers supply the baskets and bags to wholesalers and retailers.


Jute Baskets for Plants

Jute Baskets for Plants


We’re jute basket manufacturers. Plus, we’ve a collection of beautiful, comfy, environment friendly and impressive baskets for storage. Also, we’ve have a workforce of experts and craftsmen who weave the baskets and bags. Also, we offer a wide collection of jute bags and baskets and accept customized orders. Plus, we export all kinds of storage baskets. Furthermore, the baskets are available in beautiful designs as well as trendy and stylish textures, shades and patterns.


Jute Clothes Basket

Jute Clothes Basket


We emphasize the importance of quality and as a result make baskets with fine quality materials. Also, we make baskets from premium jute yarn. The baskets are good for managing as well as gracing the space and making it well-maintained. Moreover, we’ve a collection of multi utility storage baskets. These baskets are useful in organizing the space and storing the desired items.

Features of Jute Baskets:


  • They’re purely handmade.
  • The baskets are handwoven, stable, natural, environment friendly, beautiful, elegant and flexible.
  • Also, they’re appropriate for keeping toys, clothes, towels, books, stationery items, etc.
  • Furthermore, the baskets are strong and good for storing and carrying things as the upper portion of the baskets have handles to spread the load uniformly.
  • In addition, the baskets are easier to carry.
  • Moreover, there are several ways to re-utilize the bags.


Our Collection of Jute Baskets Comprise:


jute laundry basket

Jute Laundry Basket


  • Jute baskets for plants
  • Jute laundry baskets
  • Jute storage baskets
  • Small jute baskets
  • Round jute baskets
  • Jute washing baskets
  • Jute clothes baskets
  • Woven jute storage baskets
  • Large jute storage baskets
  • Jute baskets for bathroom

We offer jute bags and baskets to our clients in Australia, NZ, Canada, UK and South Africa, Also, we supply jute baskets to wholesalers and retailers. Plus, we offer jute bags and baskets at reasonable rates. You can buy jute baskets and bags in wholesale from us.

Furthermore, we’re able to make baskets in different sizes and colors in accordance with the buyers’ requirements and ideas. Also, we accept low MOQ (minimum order quantity) for trial orders. For bulk orders, we offer cost-effective pricing. Plus, we do custom branding and packaging, such as putting hang tags, labeling, etc. In addition, we’re capable of making textiles and products in accordance with our clients’ requirements and ideas.

To get a price quote, kindly utilize the following contact details:

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