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What is Fouta Towel


Fouta is actually a portion of thin patterned linen fabric or cotton utilized in Tunisia, Yemen and several Mediterranean countries. Both men and women used to wear the fabric by wrapping it around the body during at the Hammams (public baths) in Syria.

Fouta towel


Furthermore, conservative women in Algeria wore the fabric dressed above their Sarouel garment. Likewise, in certain regions of southern Saudi Arabia, men would wear the fabric like a loincloth underneath their thawb robes, or simply by itself while resting at home. Foutas are greatly utilized nowadays in the occidental world like Hammam Towels, Turkish bath towels, or beach towels.

In various regions of the world, Fouta is known by several names, such as Turkish Towels, Peshtemal, Tunisian Fouta, Hammam Bath Towel.


How to Wear Fouta | How to use Fouta | Fouta Uses


Nowadays the fabric is utilized at beaches, bathroom, swimming pool, spa, gym, kitchen, etc. Also, the fabric is utilized nowadays for home décor. Also, it has multi-purpose uses. It can be utilized like a towel, beach throw, table cover, shawl, pareo, couch cover, throw or a wrap.


Fouta Features


  • It dries up speedily. The fabric doesn’t take much time to get dry.
  • The fabric becomes soft and absorbent after washing.
  • The fabric is lightweight and hence occupies limited space in the bags.
  • It doesn’t remain wet for much time. Hence, it is good to avert bacteria.
  • It is made up of cotton fibers.
  • Unisex.
  • Both men and women can utilize it.
  • It is utilized for multipurpose requirements.

Where to buy Fouta Towels in bulk 


Most of the big traders & retailers make their products from India as it’s easy to develop their own designs and get the desired quality over there.

You can develop customized samples and as per sample production you can get OEM as well as your own brand packaging. Also, you can print your logo on the fouta.

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Fouta towel - fouta


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